Care instructions


The majority of our products consist of mild steel framework. All steel surfaces are carefully degreased and coated in a clear satin lacquer. Coating it in this way provides protection against rusting and requires no additional upkeep. Clean with a damp wet cloth if needed and dry immediately.


Joinery grade redwood pine is our wood of choice due to its rustic nature. We select each piece to ensure your furniture has plenty of character. Pine is known for its fantastic grain which we enhance with our different selection of wood stains and treatments. Knots and slight imperfections are common with pine but this is completely normal and adds a unique touch to each piece. 


We use a variety of different coloured wax polishes. With wax polish we can turn standard pine into the most beautiful colour. It helps enhance the grain and natural characteristics of the wood whilst making the wood look and feel like a million dollars. Whilst the wax can add some protection it is recommended that coasters are used to eliminate unwanted water marks. If water is spilled it is recommended that it is wiped away lightly with a damp cloth. Please avoid using harsh cleaning products as this can fade the wax. Wiping with a damp cloth should do the trick. If any water marks do appear, it is easily fixed by adding the correct colour wax polish sparingly to the affected area with a cloth and rubbing it in with the grain. Wipe any excess wax away and buff with a clean white cloth. It’s really that simple. A clear lacquer will be applied over surfaces that are expected to see a lot of heavy use, this will ensure the surfaces are water repellant and ready to withstand heavier use.

Briwax Original 400g | ALL Colours | Briwax Cleans Shines Protects | Rest Express


Other stains and varnishes

All other Stains will be finished with a wood sealer. This adds a water repellent surface that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.